is an easy and smart way to improve your operational performance

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a parameter used to evaluate how effectively manufacturing operations are utilised




Ratio of operating time to planned production time.


The rate at which equipment converts available time into product.


Percentage of parts or products that meet specifications.

Common Goals of Manufacturing Companies

Increase Capacity

Reduce Production Time

Reduce Operating Costs

Better Manage Assets

Set Priorities with the highest Impact

4OEE offers manufacturing companies following features:


Easy and fast calculation of your OEE.


Benchmarking of your operational performance


Access to state of the art operational performance improvement tools and methods

4OEE Features

Calculation Benchmarking
(Under development)
OEE Calculation
OEE Benchmarking 5 benchmarks (free)
∞ benchmarks (subscription)
∞ benchmarks
OEE Improvement Tools
Quality 100% calculation accuracy Relevance of Benchmarking information Relevance and effectiveness of tools
Customer Service Main questions section on the webpage 24/7 Telephone Line for subscription customers 24/7 Telephone Line for subscription customers


Easy and intuitive to use
Just go to the webpage and type in your Shift Length, Short Breaks length, Break, Down Time, Ideal Run Rate, Total Pieces and Reject Pieces according to the instruction and get the result
Reliability and relevance of the data
Your OEE will be calculated and compared to your peers and you will know exactly where the room for improvement lies
Available 24/7 and with Output of the OEE result within seconds
You don’t need to wait for weeks until the consultant finishes the Benchmarking report. You can access the data within seconds and anytime you need it 24/7.
Growing Skills and Capability of the staff
Consultants do the job and only leave the bill behind. You and you people will execute the improvement by our instructions. This is the best way to learn and develop the people’s capabilities
Only 9.99 EUR/Month for OEE Benchmark
and 49 EUR/Month for OEE Improvement
You don’t need to pay thousands our Euros for consulting bills.
Only a little fixed fee and the know-how is yours


Freeware Premium Business
with a yearly plan
with a yearly plan
OEE Calculation
OEE Benchmarking 5 benchmarks (free)
∞ benchmarks (subscription)
∞ benchmarks
OEE Improvement Tools

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